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    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Better Living Through Sewing…..

    Q. I’m a total beginner. What’s the best class for me to take?
    A. For a basic and comprehensive beginner-level class in using the machine, we recommend “Intro to the Machine”. To learn how to make a garment using a pattern, as well as the basics of your machine, we recommend “Ins and Outs of Commercial Patterns”.

    Q. After beginner-level, what classes should I take?
    A. Try “Copy a Garment”, “Stress-Free Dresses”, "Commercial Patterns II" or "Coats and Jackets" to learn more advanced sewing techniques. You can also take our "Alterations/Refashioning" class to learn different alteration methods.  

    Q.  I don't like to pay using the internet.  How can I register?

    A.  Please contact us directly for other payment methods, using our contact info below.  

    Q. Do you teach patternmaking/drafting or draping?

    A. We do not teach patternmaking/drafting or draping. We recommend Apparel Arts in San Francisco or College of Alameda for comprehensive classes in these topics.

    Q. Do you teach children?
    A. We teach children as young as 12.

    Q. Can you teach at my house?
    A. We can teach at your house for an additional per-class fee, depending on how far away you are from our studio. 

    Q. I want to take a class in a topic not offered. What can I do?
    A. We take class suggestions all the time and if enough interest is shown, will offer them to the general public. Another option is to take a private lesson.

    Q. Can you recommend a sewing machine?
    A. Contact us directly for machine and supply suggestions!

    Q. Does the instructor take on sewing projects for clients?
    A. Depending on her availability, the instructor may take on sewing projects. Contact her directly for more information at [email protected]

    Q. Is your studio wheelchair-accessible? 
    A. Unfortunately our studio is not wheelchair-accessible, it is up 2 flights of stairs.

    Q. The class says “full”, can you make an exception?
    A. We keep our class sizes limited due to space constraints and to give optimal instruction. You can email us to be put on the wait list however: [email protected]

    For other questions not answered here, call 510-681-3779 or email [email protected]