Class Supply Lists

SUPPLY LIST FOR SEWING GARMENTS LEVEL I and II classes (bring to first class)

  • A pattern in your size (see this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew for women and on Melly Sews for men--you will need bust (chest)/waist/hip measurements

  • Any notions required by your pattern (zipper, thread, hook and eye, etc)

  • Interfacing (if required by your pattern--read the back of the package)

  • Enough fabric as suggested by your size/view PLUS 1/2 YARD

  • Ball or glass head pins (no all-metal pins, please)

  • thread to match your fabric--all purpose polyester is recommended, either Coats or Gutermann brand
  • wash & dry your fabric (preshrink) before class if you want to do the same to your finished garment.


  • a notepad or other method to take notes
  • your machine, its foot pedal, power cord, manual and attachments (unless you are renting one of mine)
  • spool of "all purpose" polyester thread (Coats or Gutermann brand )


    • This is a project based class, so bring 2 or 3 projects of your choice to work on, i.e., hemming, taking in pants, skirts or a dress, or shortening sleeves.   
    • A spool of all-purpose Coats, Gutermann or Mettler brand polyester thread to match each of your garment (s).  We don't recommend using old/cheap thread (i.e., Trusew or Singer brand or those little travel spools)--do a break test if you are unsure of the age of your thread.  If it breaks easily you won’t want to use it on your project.
    • Your sewing machine, the foot pedal/power cord, any attachments and the manual if you have it. (unless you've rented one from me)


              • Your garment (s) to copy. I recommend bringing 2 or 3 to choose from.   
              • ball-head pins (no all metal pins please)
              • sharp pencils and erasers
              • Enough fabric to make your garment in a similar type and weight (Keep in mind that this is a "test" garment, which you will most likely be able to wear, but I recommend using an inexpensive material for the first garment.  Here is a good article on how to figure out how much material you will need.  
              • about 1/2 yard of fusible non-woven interfacing in a weight slightly lighter than your garment
              • a spool of all-purpose Coats or Gutermann polyester thread in a color to match your garment
              • extra sewing machine needles in a variety of sizes
              • If you have them, a styling design ruler and seam/hem gauge
              • don't forget to wash and dry your fabric before class if you plan on washing/drying your finished garment.
              • Also, bring your sewing machine, the foot pedal/power cord, any attachments and the manual if you have it.  (we may only get through copying the garment and cutting it out on the first day, but bring it just in case)


              For the pillow:
              • One 14" to 16" square pillow to cover or pillow form (available at Joann or Beverly fabrics)
              • 5/8 yard (for a 14" pillow) or 3/4" (for a 16" pillow) of 44" to 60" wide fabric of your choice--PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IF YOUR PILLOW IS 16" SQUARE, THAT YOUR FABRIC IS AT LEAST 44" WIDE. Some fabrics say 44" wide on the bolt but may actually be less. If you are unsure, measure the width before purchasing.
              • A spool of all-purpose polyester thread (we recommend Coats or Gutermann brand) to match your fabric

              For the tote:
              • 1 yard of 54" to 60" wide or 1 1/2 yard of 40-44" wide fabric of your choice
              • A spool of all-purpose polyester thread to match or contrast with fabric

              Also, please bring:
              • Something to take notes with
              • Your machine, its foot pedal/power cord and if you have them the manual and attachments (unless you are renting one from me)